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The Elite Entrepreneurship Program

Your Tailored & Individualized Business Training

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About Celinda


Being an entrepreneur has been my passion for many years. As a successful business owner, success has come through using SMART objectives, planning effectively, and taking action on my plans. I've been a business owner a few times in my 44 years. Through trial and error, I have learned, developed, and mastered the art of being a business owner. 


By having a focused mindset, self-motivation, discipline, and follow-through, I have become more successful in my entrepreneurial career than ever imagined. It feels good to be able to pay myself for all my hard work and dedication, to be able to support my family, and give back to the community in various ways, such as through this SEAP Program. 


Starting a business is easy, but maintaining and growing a business takes knowledge, skill, motivation, determination, and discipline. The basic steps are the same whether you're a creative or service-oriented entrepreneur. I will show you everything you need to know to get started, how to properly plan and conduct market research, and all the ins and outs of launching, maintaining and growing your new business. 
If you're ready to launch your business and receive excellent service, unlimited support, and tailored services to fit your particular business design, take this opportunity to step out in confidence and into the direction of your dreams with me through the Elite Entrepreneur Training Program. 
To learn more about the course offerings, click the courses link below, and to learn about everything offered in this program, click on the FAQ button below.

See you soon!

Celinda Wilson

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Elite Entrepreneurship SEAP Program Training

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